This catalogue is intended to give the buyers and users of low and medium voltage electrical cables the everyday information required, so that they may order the correct Alvern Cables product for the application for which it is intended. Users of our products are always advised to consult the SABS 10142 Wiring Code for technical information.

The Alvern Cables manufacturing plants use only the best virgin grade materials to manufacture Alvern products, ensuring optimum product life and the highest quality standard. As a privately owned firm the employees of Alvern Cables work as a team with common goal – To supply a great product, deliver a good service, and provide great value for money solution.

Some useful information on how to read this catalogue

  1. Flexibility class – this indicates the flexibility of a particular product, 1 being the least and 5 being the most flexible
  2. Colour code for products in this catalogue
      • BE – Blue
      • BKWH – Black with White tracer
      • BNWH – Brown with White tracer
      • GY – Grey
      • GNYE – Green with Yellow tracer
      • PK – Pink
      • RDBK - Red with Black tracer
      • TRRD – Transparent with Red tracer
      • WH – White
      • YE – Yellow
      • TR – Transparent
      • BK – Black
      • BN – Brown
      • GN – Green
      • GYWH – Grey with White tracer
      • OR – Orange
      • RD – Red
      • BN – Brown
      • GN – Green
      • BEWH – Transparent Blue with White tracer
      • VI – Violet
      • WHBK - White with Black tracer
      • YEGN – Yellow with Green Tracer
      • TRBE – Transparent with Blue tracer
  3. Current Ratings – No definite current rating can be given for any specified cable size as an operating condition vary. A nominal rating is given which is to be used for normal operating conditions.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this catalogue is accurate and correct, we can accept no responsibility for errors contained herein for any loss, howsoever arising, suffered by any person that relies on this catalogue.

We reserve the right to change the information contained in the catalogue without prior notice and you are invited to seek professional advice before acting on anything contained herein.

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