In 1967 three entrepreneurs in their prime decided that in order to alleviate the difficulty of getting the products they required for the railway signalling projects they had, they would manufacture it themselves. With the business savvy of Mr Hendey and Mr Higham and the technical expertise of Mr Wiggin, they set about buying and building the machinery required to manufacture electrical cable.

Today this venture has turned into a factory with over 200 employees which manufactures a wide range of products specifically to suit the often harsh African environment.

SABS approved and ISO accredited Alvern Cables (Pty) Ltd employs stringent measures to ensure a quality, and competitively priced product is timeously delivered into an ever developing market.

At a glance, the basic process in the production of cables starts with a 7.9mm copper rod which is broken down into the required input size. At this point the copper is drawn to the correct thickness and the required number of ends placed together for the bunching process. Resistance is checked at both phases. Once passed, it moves on to the extrusion stage and on to drum twisting in the case of a multi-core cable. Final extrusion, testing and packaging follow and the result is a quality, perfectly finished product, labelled and marked for full traceability.

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