CSPE Chlorosulphonated polyethylene
EPDM Ethylene propylene terpolymer rubber
EPR Ethylene propylene rubber
EVA Ethylene vinyl acetate
HDPE High density polyethylene
IIBR Isoprene isobutylene (butyl) rubber
NBR Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber
NR Natural rubber
PC Polycarbonate
PCR Polychloroprene rubber
PE Polyethylene
PET Polyethylene terephthalate
PP Polypropylene
PPL Polypropylene paper laminate
PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene
PVA Polyvinyl acetate
PVC Polyvinyl chloride
SBR Styrene butadiene rubber
SR Silicone rubber
TPR Thermoplastic rubber
VP Vulcanized rubber
XPLE Cross-linked polyethylene

Associations and Institutions

ABS American Bureau of Shipping
ASTM American Society for Testing Materials
BASEC British Approvals Services for Electric Cables
BS British Standard
BSI British Standard Institution
CEE International Commission for Conformity Certificate of Electrical Equipment
CENELEC European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation
CMA Cable Makers Association (UK)
EEC European Economic Community
IEG International Electrotechnical Commission
IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK)
IEEE Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (USA)
IPCEA Insulated Power Cable Engineers Association (USA) (now ICEA)
ISO International Standards Organization
LRS Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
NAO National Approval Organization (E.E.C)
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association (USA)
OCMA Oil Companies Materials Association
SABS South African Bureau of Standards
UL Underwriter’s Laboratories (USA)
SANS South African National Standards

Cables and Constructions

CNE Combined neutral and earth
CPC Circuit protective conductor
CSA Corrugated seamless aluminum (sheath)
CTS Cabtyre sheath
DWA Double wire armour
ECC Earth continuity conductor
GSW Galvanized steel wire
HOFR Heat and oil resting flame retardant
HR Heat retardant
MI Mineral insulated
NR Nitrile rubber OF oil-filled
OFR Oil resting and flame retardant
PIAS Paper insulated aluminum sheathed
PILSPILS Paper insulated lead sheathed
PME Protective multiple earthed
PWA Pliable wire armour
RNN Rubber/neoprene/neoprene
RPS Reduced flame propagation sheath
SAC Solid aluminum conductor
SL Separately lead sheathed
SNE Separate Neutral and earth
STA Steel tape armour
SWA Single wire armour
TRS Tough rubber sheath


AWG American wire gauge
CV Continuous vulcanizing
EHV Extra high voltage (imprecise)
HV High voltage (imprecise)
LV Low voltage (imprecise)
MCM Thousand circular mils (also kc mil)
MV Medium voltage (imprecise)
UD Underground distribution (USA)
UHV Ultra-high voltage (imprecise)
LD ULight duty
ND Normal duty
HD Heavy duty

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