Efficient and Consistent Technology Development

The metallic circuit or two-wire circuit was developed and patented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1881. So copper cable has had close to 150 years of development and along with that, the manufacturing process of it. Yet like everything else it never stops developing and improving. Being such a specific and competitive industry it is important to keep up to date with developments. Alvern Cables have always been focused on producing a cost effective, high quality product, and the newest technological developments have a huge impact on us and our industry. One of the methods we employ is accurate use…

Cable Selection

John Wooden once wrote, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. I love these word because although I would never call the correct cable selection for an installation a little thing, it is a vital choice, most don’t give it much thought." This affects the operation of the installation as a whole, it has a direct impact on the installations life span, it directly impacts the components used and most importantly WILL impact safety and the safety of those around it. It can mean life or death!! I have tried to explain this in a simple way, based on the diagrams…

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